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Hillside Doctors

Here at Parkwood Green Medical Centre, we acknowledge the absolute importance of providing our patients with exceptional medical services. Our highly qualified Hillside doctors understand the individual needs of our clients’ health and wellbeing. We put our patients first to ensure all our patients are cared for with the highest level of integrity. At Parkwood Green Medical, we provide you with a diverse range of specialists to cater for the health needs of our patients. Our Hillside doctors ensure our medical centre is well managed and that all patients are well catered to. Our Parkwood Green Medical Hillside doctors strive to meet and exceed our patients’ expectations to ensure the highest level of satisfaction.

Distinguished and trusted in the field, our Medical doctors are friendly and approachable, making sure you are in a confidential and comfortable setting. We strive to go above and beyond your needs. Given the constant increase in demand of patient care, Parkwood Green Medical is finding the best health professionals to expand our team of Hillside doctors. Our professional staff have developed efficient and organised practice management systems to facilitate the care and management of patients.

As a medical service provider, Parkwood Green Medical provides the finest practices and encourage healthy lifestyles to improve the health of individuals. Our Hillside doctors use holistic approaches to create a close relationship with our patients in order to better understand their health needs and requirements. Our Hillside doctors continuously strive to better our performance to ensure optimum results. In addition, medical emergencies and severe work injuries will be catered to as soon as possible and do not require an appointment.

If you seek our medical services, contact us to book an appointment.

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Qualified and experienced team of consultants at Parkwood Green Medical
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Consultation is by appointment.

Appointments are made by phoning on

Hillside: (03) 9449 4100

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Online or calling into the practice.

Medical emergencies and acute work injuries will be seen promptly and do not require an appointment.

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(03) 9449 4100

After Hours and Emergency
Locum Service » (03) 9429 5677
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Hospital » (03) 9871 3333

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